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79040 m. Lviv, vul. Horodotska, 282

Поштова адреса:

79054 m. Lviv, a/s 3205


+38 (050) 4300194
+38 (032) 2400250

Контактна особа :

Natalia Volodymyrivna


Drabyk Volodymyr Osypovych - general director


Drabyk Iryna Mykhailivna

Розклад роботи

Пн: 9.00 - 17.30

Вт: 9.00 - 17.30

Ср: 9.00 - 17.30

Чт: 9.00 - 17.30

Пт: 9.00 - 17.30

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Реєстраційний номер підприємства: 14370485

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Кількість працівників: 64

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Про компанію

Printing self-adhesive labels made by flexographic printing on matte or semigloss self-adhesive paper, metallized polyethylene and polypropylene film. Using a variety of colors, we get multi-color, high-quality flexographic printing text and images on a self-adhesive label.

Modern flexographic web presses with eight colorful sections allow us to produce self-adhesive labels bright and attractive to the buyer.

To improve the quality and effectiveness of self-adhesive labels, we use different methods of finishing: UV coating; lamination; hot and cold foil stamping; stamping; use special types of varnish (matte and providing surround effects).

The company has the ability to fulfill orders in a closed cycle, from the design layout to production of finished labels.

Among the clients of our company the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, sweets, household chemicals and cosmetics.


Ltd. specialized enterprise ”ECCO”, successfully operating in the printing market since 1992, offers self-adhesive labels with full-color printing on various types of paper and film, flexographic and screen printing method (with a possible combination thereof).

Additionally, according to the customer is invited to:
- UV varnishing;
- lamination;
- hot and cold foil stamping;
- stamping;
- use special types of varnish (matte and providing surround effects);
- printing on heat shrink sleeves;
- digital printing short runs;
- sophisticated simulation expensive wine market;
- metal labels.

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